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The Graham Greene Birthplace Trust


The Sixteenth
Graham Greene Festival
Wednesday 25th to
Sunday 29th September 2013


Berkhamsted School

The Town Hall, Berkhamsted

The Kings Arms Hotel, Berkhamsted

The Civic Centre, Berkhamsted


Festival Director: David R.A.Pearce

Patrons: Caroline Bourget, Andrew Bourget, Louise Dennys, Nick Dennys, Lucy Saunders

Illustration by Paul Hogarth

The Festival Director’s welcome

Graham Greene would rejoice in the fact that these Festivals in his honour have forged the very best of friendships; and that his readers and friends and family celebrate him in a town that remembers each year the crusty old love that he had for it.

This is Berkhamsted’s Internationally Famous Festival and I hope you will support it. Over the years, many have made it their annual holiday.

  • If you have never been – try it.
  • If you have been before, then look carefully at what is on offer this year.
  • You will be warmly welcomed.

This programme for 2013 has been designed to give a clear and appreciative picture of our author to enliven us with some of his sense of fun to enable our knowledgeable audiences to respond to the speakers who have so generously consented to come.

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Graham Greene Birthplace Trust is a member of the Berkhamsted Arts Trust which is supported financially by the Dacorum Borough Council, Registered Charity No. 1064839